Mr. Jon

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Jon Merced danced under Dancette Pratts, studying ballet, tap, jazz, modern, salsa, and his favorite love, hip-hop. He continued his training at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and has worked with Jared Grimes, as well as performing with recording artists, Psyche of Sounds, Jay Saint, and Alexa Ayaz.

Jon loved to perform but found out that teaching was his true passion! He has been teaching dance throughout the New Jersey, New York, and New England area for the last 9 years working with various studios. He has been on faculty for conventions and judging competitions such as, Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey (ADTNJ), National Association of Dance & Affiliated Artists (NADAA), Throw Down Dance Challenge, and he has been one of the faculty favorites for Backstage Performing Arts Competition. Jon’s next venture will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he will be teaching a series of master classes and workshops. Jon is one of the leading dance educators represented by Man In Motion, a network of over 60 male dance educators and choreographers.
"Dancing takes a lot of hard work and dedication, everyone has their own journey and truly embracing the good times with the bad is what makes it fun and curates the true love and passion for the art."