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Denise Blackstone

Running a dance studio for 44 years that transformed serious dance students into prestigious choreographers, Broadway dancers, and just fabulous people has been the most important part of our dynamic business. We couldn't be happier or prouder to have one of our talented vivacious business-minded students take on where we left off. She was one of the best teachers our faculty ever had as well as one of our best competition performers. She is on a constant hunt to magnify the dance teacher industry Shseeking out the best faculty. She has created a syllabus that will strengthen the body and mind of all her dancers. She is also a master choreographer for national competitions and a coordinator. Angelica Roman has only just begun!

— Denise Blackstone, Founder

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Al Blackstone

Denise Daniele Dance Center has been teaching students of all ages and backgrounds how to love dance for over 45 years.  I am so proud to be a part of a legacy that has greatly influenced the Jersey Shore and beyond for generations.

— Al Blackstone, alumni

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